Reviews from CEOs, Leaders, and Authors

“Chuck Martin has more than all the facts. He has the soul of the idea. The Third Screen is thoughtful and valuable.” — Chris Brogan, President, Human Business Works and co-author of Trust Agents

“The Third Screen describes a clear power shift where the customer is in charge—and what companies must do their best to reach them on their terms. Using detailed case studies, Chuck Martin shows readers how to develop a mobile marketing strategy that will really work. Don’t wait: Get copies for your team today.” — Charlene Li, bestselling author of Groundswell and Open Leadership

“A fascinating and eye-opening view of the mobile landscape and what companies must do to survive there.” — Josh Koppel, cofounder ScrollMotion, leading mobile platform developer

“Our mobile devices are indispensable digital co-pilots, which is why the third screen is fast becoming the most important screen. If you want to stay relevant to your customers as they go about their lives, apply the lessons from this book.” —Don Tapscott, author /coauthor of more than 14 books, including the bestseller Wikinomics and his latest Macrowikinomics

“In today’s mobile environment, smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous around the globe. In The Third Screen, Chuck Martin engages the reader with important details relating to how the untethered consumer, m-commerce, and the entire mobile revolution are changing the game for marketers and what they need to do to make sure their organizations survive and prosper in this ever-changing and evolving marketplace.” — Kent Huffman, Chief Marketing Officer at BearCom Wireless and Co-Publisher of Social Media Marketing Magazine

“Mobile is the ultimate social device. And if big and small brands don’t understand how to engage their customers there, they risk extinction. The Third Screen is a must-have for any company looking to develop an effective mobile strategy, one that will drive customers to become brand champions.” –Julie Roehm, Marketing Strategy Consultant

“Marketing is ever-changing and The Third Screen mirrors the future of marketing. If you are new to mobile, this book makes sure you get it right!” — Jeffrey Hayzlett, bestselling author of The Mirror Test, CMO, Cowboy

“The Third Screen distills the opportunities mobile marketing presents to business leaders in an engaging and enjoyable book.” — Jane McPherson, CMO, SpyderLynk, mobile start-up