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Chuck Martin is a leading Internet of Things and mobile expert as well as a highly sought after Keynote Speaker covering a variety of IoT, mobile and Internet of Things topics including:

  • The Internet of Things: As a futurist and visionary, in 1998, Martin wrote in his book Net Future the following: “Wearable computers will venture out of the labs into the workplace, disposable chips will allow appliances to communicate with each other, and more networked devices will continue to be linked to more networked devices.” This session paints the picture for where the world is heading in The Internet of Things and what business leadership is needed to take an organization there.
  • Digital Leadership: Leading companies understand the magnitude of the digital revolution and are investing heavily to stay ahead of the game. Martin demonstrates how digital and mobile innovation can come from almost any place in any organization. While a robust and growing mobile industry continues to fuel the technology power behind the digital revolution, there are innovators at well known brands leading the charge inside their respective companies.
  • A World Of Digitalization:  There are more mobile phones worldwide than the number of toothbrushes or toilets. With bilions of those being smartphones, a new consumer is emerging, totally armed with all information at their fingertips. In this customized, fast-paced and high-energy presentation, #1 best-selling author Chuck Martin lays out the digital landscape providing a clear direction and path for businesses of all types. Digitalization involves the transformatiom of entire business models. Location technologies,  NFC (near field communication and sensors of all types all play a role in the coming consumer behavioral changes that will impact all business. There are specific moments when busienss leaders have the opportunity to transform their path to market and marketers have the opportunity to influence consumer purchase decisions.

Recent Appearances

  • Gionee Cheers
    • Beijing, China
    • Keynote Adress
    • Audience: Executives from throughout China
  •  Telcel
    • Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Keynote Address
    • Audience: Executives from throughout Mexico
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    • Shanghai, China
    • Keynote Address
    • Audience: Executives from throughout China
  • MasterCard International
    • Cartagena, Columbia
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Presidents of Latin American Banks
  • MediaPost IoT: Shopping
    • New York
    • Emcee of event
    • Audience: Brands, marketers, agencies
  • mLearnCon 2013
    • San Jose
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: 1,000 learning/training professionals
  • NAA Annual Meeting
    • San Diego Convention Center
    • Keynote address
    • Audence: 1,000 apartment executives, managers
  • Panama Banking Association
    • Panama City, Panama
    • Keynote Address
    • Audience: Executives of Latin American Financial Institutions
  • Harvard Business Review
    • Boston
    • Worldwide webinar
    • Audience: 1,000 executives,  managers
  • Western Corporate Federal Credit Union
    • The Bellagio, Las Vegas
    • Luncheon address
    • Audience: CEOs
  • Intelligence Group
    • Rotterdam
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Internal leadership team
  • USAA
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Keynote Address
    • Audience: CEO, divisional presidents
  •  M-Health Summit
    • Washington, DC
    • Panel Moderator with Samsung, T-Mobile
    • Audience: Healthcare Executives
  • 123MobileDay
    • Amsterdam
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Executives and recruiting professionals
  • Danaher
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Keynote address
    • Internal leadership summit
  • Acuity Insurance
    • Kohler, WI
    • Keynote Address
    • Internal Leadership Team
  • CFO Rising
    • Orlando, Florida
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: CFOs
  •   Media Post OMMA, Global
    • New York (Marriott Marquis)
    • Emcee
    • Audience: 1,000 Media and Agency Executives
  • National Apartment Association
    • San Diego, CA (Convention Center)
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: 1,000 Apartment Industry Executives
  • Apartment Guide Leadership Meeting
    • Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: National leadership team
  • Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute
    • Los Cabos, Mexico
    • Keynote and roundtable
    • Audience: Owners and CEOs
  •  National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA)
    • New Oreleans, LA
    • Keynote
    • Audience: Independent local exchange carriers
  • Interlogix
    • San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: National distributors
  • Moviebites
    • The Hague
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Internal leadership team
  • American Society of Safety Engineers
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Keynote
    • Audience: Safety engineers
  • National Association of Federal Credit Union CEO Officers
    • Santa Monica, California
    • Audience: CEOs
  • Sport Executive Leadership Conference
    • Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Owners and executives of sports teams
  • Incentive Works
    • Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Meeting planners
  • Iowa Commercial Real Estate Expo
    • Sheraton Des Moines, Des Moines, IA
    • Keynote address
    • Audience: Brokers, bankers, attorneys
  • National Association of Professional Employee Organizations
    • Chicago, IL
    • Keynote and roundtable
    • Audience: Professional employment organization execs
  • The Human Resource and Marketing Forum
    • Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship, New York, NY
    • Audience: HR and Marketing executives
  • AMA The Third Screen Webcast
    • New York, NY
    • Audience: Nationwide registrants

Booking Information

Chuck Martin is represented by numerous speaker’s bureaus.

To contact Chuck directly:

Chuck Martin




The following are his requirements for his speaking engagements.

  • Presentation
    Martin conducts his presentation directly from the stage, where he likes to move about freely. He requests a podium or table for notes during the presentation. Following the presentation, Martin would be happy to make a handout version of  his Powerpoint slides available to the sponsoring organization for distribution to attendees.
  • Audio-Visual
    His program is presented from a computer to be supplied by the client. He will bring his presentation on the day of presentation on a portable storage device (thumb drive). He needs a wireless device to advance the slides remotely.
  • Sound
    Martin requires a wireless lav or headset microphone for his presentation. A brief scheduled stage and sound check is essential prior to the actual presentation, preferably the night before. He uses audio/video in his presentations.
  • Promotional Material
    Whenever possible, book promotions are not only welcomed but also encouraged.

For more details and information on speaking requests, contact your speaker’s bureau:

To contact Chuck directly: