Third Screen Revolution

The first screen, television, revolutionized the way marketers reached consumers so that a company could reach millions with well-crafted and tested messages they totally controlled. The second screen, the personal computer, allowed companies to interactively communicate with and sell to their customers, easily gaining customer feedback and even permitting customers to provide input on products or services being developed. The third screen, the mobile device, is a game changer. It enables customers to communicate directly with each other and share information and opinions in real time and on location. The third screen revolution is about dramatic technological and behavioral change.


“The Third Screen describes a clear power shift where the customer is in charge—and what companies must do their best to reach them on their terms. Using detailed case studies, Chuck Martin shows readers how to develop a mobile marketing strategy that will really work. Don’t wait: Get copies for your team today.” — Charlene Li, bestselling author of Groundswell and Open Leadership

From the Blog…

The Power of the Mobile Barcode Scan
Walking through Sears recently I happened to come across a couple looking at a Kitchen Aid mixer, with the price of $199 prominently posted. The man pulled out his smartphone, read the barcode and told his partner “it’s cheaper at Best Buy. Let’s go.” And they left Sears, presumably…

Location-Based Marketing Takes a Step Forward
Location based marketing is finally going more mainstream. With the AT&T and Placecast announced deal to provide special offers called ShopAlerts to consumers through their mobile phones when they’re near a participating store or brand, mobile marketing takes another step forward. With initial presenting sponsors include HP, Kmart, JetBlue,…

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