Marketing And The Consumer Targeted IoT Development

by Net Future Institute on November 18, 2015

Internet of Everything, IoE, Internet of Things, IoT Keynote Speaker, IoT Speaker, Internet of Things SpeakerBy Chuck Martin

Any marketers looking to use the Internet of Things for messaging any time soon may want to check in on those developing the capabilities for it.

While consumers are the clear target market for one in three developers, more than a quarter of them are unsure of the eventual audience, based on a new global study.

The data comes from the ninth edition of Developer Economics, which is based on a survey of 13,000 developers in 149 countries conducted by VisionMobile over a period of five weeks.

When it comes to knowing their audience, the reaction from developers is mixed. Here’s who they see as their audience:

  • 32% — Consumers
  • 26% — Not sure
  • 17% — Enterprises
  • 13% — Employees
  • 12% — Professionals

But targeting is a different story, with smart homes and retail taking the lead. These are the areas that IoT developers currently target:

  • 42% — Smart home
  • 33% — Retail
  • 29% — Industrial IoT
  • 28% — Wearables
  • 22% — Smart city
  • 22% — Medical
  • 20% — Connected car

The interesting twist here is that much of the Internet of Things development involves software only, rather than hardware.

This is where the advertising community will be able to leverage innovation.

The bottom line news here is that the development community around the world is actively engaged in working on the Internet of Things.

Using the IoT for customer engagement comes next.


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